General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions relate to all agreements for the organization of a trip and related services provided by Chic Voyage, established in The Netherlands under the Chamber of Commerce number 63683539.

The client who reserves and definitively books the trip is always jointly and severally liable for all arrangements made by him/her and other participants. All offers, agreements, the execution and all resulting matters between the client and Chic Voyage, will be governed exclusively by Dutch law. Chic Voyage commits itself to a maximum effort to make the trip of the client a success.

General Terms and Conditions of Third Parties; Should the occasion arise, the terms and conditions of Chic Voyage’s suppliers shall apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions. If the terms and conditions of his suppliers deviate from the terms and conditions of Chic Voyage, this will be mentioned in writing beforehand.

Travel Guarantee


Chic Voyage is affiliated with the Stichting Garantiefonds Specialistische Touroperators in Amsterdam. Chic Voyage is registered with the GGTO under number 1335. The GGTO guarantee fund guarantees that you will be reimbursed for the part of your trip already paid, should the tour operator become financially insolvent. This may be before your departure but also during your stay on location. In addition, Stichting GGTO guarantees your return during your stay if the tour operator, as a result of financial insolvency, is unable to provide this.


Your travel money is safe


GGTO guarantees your prepaid travel money or ensures that your stay or return trip in such situations is still paid for. GGTO only guarantees this when you book with a GGTO member travel organization. Therefore, before you book your trip, check whether your travel organization is a GGTO member. Only then will your prepaid money be covered by the GGTO guarantee.

If you would like to know more about the guarantee and the GGTO coverage, please read the full guarantee regulations at



General Conditions Chic Voyage


1. Contact person/Principal

The contact person is authorised to enter into commitments with Chic Voyage, on behalf of himself or herself or the client. The contact person is the first point of contact for Chic Voyage. The contact person may designate another representative of the company or family as the first point of contact. The contact person will ensure, on behalf of himself or herself or the client, the timely fulfilment of the agreements, which have been agreed upon.

2. The Agreement

The contract is the agreement between the client and Chic Voyage, in which Chic Voyage commits to provide services related to travel in the broadest sense of the word. The term “travel package” is understood to mean all the activities which, according to the contract, Chic Voyage is to perform for the client. Unless stated otherwise, price is understood to be the package price. The package price is the price due for the (travel) package as a whole.

3. Contract and quotation

Chic Voyage may charge a service fee of € 150,- for the preparation of quotations, in whatever form, submitted by Chic Voyage. This fee will be deducted from the total price of the trip when you book your trip with Chic Voyage. Unless otherwise agreed.

If Chic Voyage has to undertake additional work as a result of changes to the original offer, Chic Voyage will be entitled to charge the client for this work.

If Chic Voyage has to carry out additional work as a result of changes to quotations submitted, then Chic Voyage has the right to charge the client for this work. Any changes to the original quote, of whatever nature, made by or on behalf of the client, resulting in higher costs than those which could be anticipated at the time of the quote will be charged to the client.

If an inspection trip is made in advance, Chic Voyage will charge the client the net costs, without mark-up. In case of cancellation, the costs for the accompanying manager, flight tickets, rooms and other related expenses will be charged to the client.

A quotation is always issued subject to availability. The validity of an issued quotation is generally two weeks, unless otherwise indicated. The client can make a booking based on the quotation. At this point, Chic Voyage will draw up a contract between the client and Chic Voyage. Before the contract is drawn up, prices and availability are checked. The contract will describe the final (travel) programme. The pricing in the contract may differ from the prices quoted in the quotation.

The travel program, prices and arrangements stated in the contract are binding at all times, barring typing errors or mistakes in calculations. A contract will be formed between the parties once the signed contract prepared by Chic Voyage has been returned. Chic Voyage has the right to refuse a booking at any time and therefore cannot turn an offer into a contract.

4. The Price

Unless otherwise stated, the term “price” means the package price in Euros. The price is the travel sum payable for the package as a whole. The price is indicated in the order confirmation. If it is not possible to determine a fixed price, it will be determined at a later date on the basis of the agreement and any correspondence exchanged between the parties about the package described at a later date. If the price is determined at a time after the order confirmation, this determination will be confirmed in writing. Chic Voyage reserves the right to pass on to you any subsequent exchange rate changes prior to departure and after booking. The exchange rate will be determined at the time of booking.

5. Changes to the Package

If Chic Voyage makes changes to (parts of) the package at the request of the client during the execution of the package, no additional costs will be charged, as far as possible. However, any additional costs incurred by third parties (engaged by Chic Voyage) who are charged with the execution of (part of) the package, in relation to such changes, will be charged to the client.

6. Transport

For each package, Chic Voyage will provide and apply the conditions of the relevant airline and/or car rental company.

7. Payment

The service fee of € 150,- will be invoiced to you. When you book your trip with Chic Voyage, this fee will be deducted from your total travel price on the final invoice. Unless otherwise agreed.

For bookings made more than 60 days before departure the following applies:
– Deposit at time of booking: 25% of the total fare, plus the booking fee and any travel and cancellation insurance.

If suppliers require a higher or total payment at the time of booking, this will be passed on to the client and Chic Voyage’s deposit invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

– The balance of the payment must be credited to Chic Voyage’s bank account at least 8 weeks prior to departure.

Bookings made within 60 days of departure are subject to:
– The travel sum/payment must be paid in full within 5 days of receipt of the invoice.

– Unless agreed otherwise, payment must be made by bank transfer to an IBAN number specified by Chic Voyage.

– Chic Voyage reserves the right to charge you for any significant currency fluctuations or changes to transport and arrangement costs.

– If applicable and agreed upon, Chic Voyage will send a final invoice to the client after completion of the (travel) package. This invoice has to be paid within 5 days after the invoice date. The final invoice is based on the exchange rate(s) applicable at the time of payment of the final invoice. This/these exchange rate(s) may differ from/to that/those assumed in the order confirmation.

8. Default of payment

Should the payment term as referred to in Article 7 be exceeded, Chic Voyage reserves the right to charge the client an interest payment which is calculated on the amount due over the period starting from the expiration date, i.e. 5% per month over the first month in which payment is not made, and 5% per month over the following months, until the outstanding amount has been paid. Such failure will entitle Chic Voyage, without further notice, to consider the contract cancelled, without any liability on the part of Chic Voyage.

In case of late payment, the client will also have to pay extrajudicial collection costs in the amount of 15% of the amount due, or in the alternative the amount permitted by the preliminary report. The above also applies in the event of failure to pay the cancellation fee as mentioned in the article.

9. Travel documents, vaccinations and insurances

Travel participants must be in possession of valid travel and border documents. A passport must be valid for more than six months and you must have any necessary visa if you are travelling abroad. You must provide your own travel insurance and required vaccinations. All participants are required to contact their GP or GG & GD for inoculations. Chic Voyage cannot be held responsible if these requirements are not met.

If required by the client, Chic Voyage can arrange travel insurance for the participants. The settlement of any damage claim must take place directly with the insurer.

At the client’s request, Chic Voyage can arrange travel cancellation insurance. The settlement of any damage claims must take place directly with the insurer. Refunds of all or part of the travel price will be made via Chic Voyage.

Participants travelling to the U.S.A. and/or Canada are required to have a travel insurance as well as a private liability insurance with an insured amount of at least € 500.000,- per event.

10. Cancellation

If the trip is cancelled, the cancellation costs are as follows:

– cancellation more than 4 months before departure:
35% of the rate as determined in accordance with Article 4

– Cancellation from 4 months up to 2 months before departure:
50% of the rate as established according to article 4

– cancellation from 2 months to 14 days before departure:
75% of the fare as established according to Article 4

– cancellation from 14 days before departure:
100% of the rate as determined according to article 4

– Different cancellation conditions may apply to airline tickets. You will be informed of this when you book. Many airlines apply a 100% cancellation fee prior to departure. This may also apply to hotel reservations. It is possible that suppliers charge different cancellation fees from the moment of reservation. You will be advised of this at the time of booking.

– In case of a partial cancellation, Chic Voyage has the right, notwithstanding the cancellation policy described in Article 10 and regardless of the time of cancellation, to charge the client in full for the costs and damages incurred by third parties engaged by Chic Voyage as a result of the partial cancellation, as well as other actual damages and costs. Partial cancellation means; The reduction of the number of participants compared to the number mentioned in the order confirmation.

– As mentioned in article 9, Chic Voyage can arrange cancellation insurance for the client. The insurance company will of course pay out if the client meets the conditions.

Cancellations can be made by telephone. The cancellation must be confirmed in writing by the client within 3 working days. Chic Voyage will then send you a written confirmation of receipt. Chic Voyage recommends that its clients take out cancellation insurance and/or travel insurance. These insurances can be arranged by Chic Voyage.

11. Own Risk

Participation in a trip is at the sole risk of the participants. Participation in any planned activities is at the participants own risk. Chic Voyage cannot be held responsible for any loss of any kind or for any personal injury suffered by participants.

12. Responsibility

Chic Voyage is responsible for the correct and proper organisation of the elements of the trip as specified in the contract.

13. Reservation

Chic Voyage reserves the right to change any location or activity stipulated in the contract, should it become apparent that a supplier is unable to fulfil its commitments to Chic Voyage. In this case an alternative will be offered which is at least equivalent.

14. Responsibility of the client

The following matters are the responsibility of the client:

– The correctness and accuracy of personal data and other information provided to Chic Voyage;

– Timely presence at the airport (check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure) and at the start of parts of the trip. Claims resulting from missing flights or the start of (parts of) the programme will not be accepted.

– If necessary, you must provide a credit card. In some places this is a requirement in order to rent a car, for example.

15. Non-attributable failure to perform

– A non-attributable failure shall be understood to mean: A shortcoming that is not due to the fault of Chic Voyage and that should not be for its account, neither by law, legal act or socially accepted standards. Causes of non-attributable failure include industrial action, extreme weather conditions, government measures and non-performance by third parties whose services Chic Voyage utilizes.

– If the cause of the non-attributable failure is of a temporary nature, Chic Voyage will be entitled to suspend the execution of the contract until the circumstance causing the failure no longer exists.

– If the situation of non-attributable failure of performance is of a permanent nature, Chic Voyage and the client may make an arrangement regarding the dissolution of the contract and the consequences thereof.

– Adendum; In the spring of 2020, all companies in the travel industry were affected by the Corona Virus. Chic Voyage cannot be held responsible for the impact on your booked travel arrangements resulting from this extraordinary circumstance. However, as mentioned above, Chic Voyage will do everything in its power to provide an appropriate alternative or solution.

16. Complaints handling

Complaints must be made to Chic Voyage during the execution of the tour. If this is not possible, the complaint must be made to the relevant hotelier or local agent. In addition, the complaint must be made in writing to Chic Voyage within 15 days of the end of the trip. Chic Voyage will provide a response within 14 days. If a complaint is justified, at the discretion of Chic Voyage, then the parties will enter into consultation with each other in order to find an amicable solution. In the event of a dispute between the client and Chic Voyage, Dutch law will apply. In case of unacceptable behaviour by one or more of the participants, resulting in the trip or parts of the trip not being able to take place properly, the client will lose the right to any form of reimbursement of the travel sum.

17. Disclaimer

Chic Voyage will treat all personal data provided by participants with the utmost care and privacy. The Dutch Personal Data Protection Act will apply. Chic Voyage will not disclose your personal data to any third party. The only exception to this is the exchange of personal data in order to facilitate bookings for transport, accommodation, activities, insurances etc. After the trip, Chic Voyage will not use the provided personal data of the participants in any way.

Chic Voyage is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 63683539. The VAT number is NL100799796B01.

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