Veil of magic!


Discover Rajasthan and be guided through ‘ The Land of Kings’. It doesn’t matter where your journey starts or when your journey ends. It’s all about the people you meet, the sights you see and the discoveries you make on this unforgettable journey through this beautiful part of India. There is a veil of magic hanging over Rajasthan. Not to be compared to anywhere else in the world. Rajasthan is breathtakingly beautiful, impressive and fascinating. This state is overflowing with ancient history, art, culture and wildlife.

The Suján Luxury Hotel Collection stands for small scale, personalized service and the importance of conservation without compromising on luxury. Suján Rajmahal Palace is a perfect starting point to begin your journey through Rajasthan. It is home to the Maharajah of Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan. The magnificent royal palace is located in the heart of this bustling city. Its mirrored doors, magnificent marble staircase, impressive chandeliers and treasured family possessions have been carefully preserved. This impressive accommodation consists of 14 Royal Apartments and Suites.

The Sher Bagh tented camp is located on the edge of Ranthambore National Park in the southeastern part of Rajasthan province. The camp has a beautiful location in the middle of nature and although it is very small-scale, you will still have all the comforts here. Here, you will go on a game drive in search of the tiger. It is also possible to go on a horseback or even camel ride, where you can spot smaller animals and water birds.

Camping in the desert, that sounds simple but once you arrive at The Serai you will see that it can also be done in a very luxurious way. The small-scale, exclusive tented camp of The Serai is located just outside Jaisalmer and is surrounded by nothing but desert and sand, lots of sand. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do here. On the contrary! The tented camp offers luxurious facilities such as a spa and a swimming pool, which provide relaxation and coolness after you have explored the desert by camel. Be sure to visit historic Jaisalmer here, known for its camel market and the ‘Golden Fortress’…

Luxury camping in the Indian wilderness, that’s becoming one with nature and means plenty of adventure. In the middle of Rajasthan, between the cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur lies Jawai, a pristine nature and wildlife reserve. Many leopards live here. In this nature reserve lies Jawai Leopard Camp, an exclusive and luxurious tented camp. It is the latest addition to the Suján Luxury hotel collection and is a wonderful stop on your impressive journey through Rajasthan!


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