Strolling through Rome!


The impressive Villa Spalletti Trivelli is located in the heart of Rome. Today the villa serves as a luxury hotel; previously it was a popular country retreat of the former Italian royal family. The unique history of Villa Spalletti is palpable in the lounges and rooms. The many impressive art collections are also still carefully housed by the hotel.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli is located in the trendy Monti district! A nice district to walk around and look for nice little typical Italian restaurants, bookstores and beautiful clothing shops. Just 200 meters away you will find the Presidential Palazzo del Quirinale and the Colosseum. The Trevi Fountains are also around the corner.

The rooms and suites at Villa Spalletti Trivelli are elegantly decorated with a combination of antique and contemporary furniture. Each room almost feels like a nineteenth-century royal residence. At Villa Spalletti, I imagined myself as a monarch from that era. Despite the amount of history in both the lounges and the rooms, all the modern gadgets are integrated in an excellent way. There is a docking station that can be used to charge all possible brands of phones and on the bedside table there is a special box where your iPhone can be connected so you can listen to your favorite music through your room.

Villa Spalletti has an impressive library; the entire collection has been designated as cultural heritage by the Italian Ministry of Culture. Every afternoon an extensive aperitivo is served in the garden or in one of the lounges. This includes excellent types of wine, delicious prosecco, good whiskeys and soft drinks; this is included in your stay.

Would you like to close your eyes after a day of sightseeing in Rome? In the basement of Villa Spalletti there is a spacious sauna with wellness facilities. The garden with orange trees is an oasis of peace in the middle of the city. On nice days the excellent Italian breakfast is served here.

If you have a visit to Rome in mind, this is the ultimate base. Everything you expect from five-star luxury is present in this historic, homely hotel. I found Villa Spalletti Trivelli to be as impressive as the Italian capital itself!


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