Fragrant roses!


Beldi Country Club is tucked away in a beautiful garden just outside the city walls of Marrakech. The carefully landscaped Country Club encompasses no less than fifteen acres of land with centuries-old olive trees, palm trees, expansive rose gardens, cane fields, citrus trees and ponds. The ideal place to relax with the bustling city of Marrakech only a 10-minute drive away.

The Country Club was designed by the French owners as a Moroccan village with different parts connected by narrow paths, gardens and terraces. There are two swimming pools and every morning breakfast is served on the terrace under the pergola overlooking the gardens. There is a beautifully decorated tea room and several, open lounges, made attractive with Moroccan cushions and lanterns.

The 38 rooms are decorated differently, all with an eye for detail and a French touch. Extremely comfortable with luxurious bathrooms, four-poster beds, beautiful carpets and fine furnishings. There are some traditional stores and a studio for pottery and glassblowing. Traditional crafts are kept alive here.

The Spa is well known and here you can choose from a wide range of hammam and massage treatments. An hour of tennis, enjoy cycling in the area, pottery or learning to cook a Tajine… is also among the possibilities.

A short hour’s drive from Marrakech is Kasbah Beldi. The view of the winter snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains is breathtaking, as is the peace and tranquility that prevails here. A wonderful place in combination with the Country Club but also perfect for a special event!

El Jadida is one of the most historic cities on the coast of Morocco and a World Heritage Site. Just steps away from the sea, the small hotel The Iglesia welcomes its guests. The old Spanish church has been beautifully restored and has 9 suites. A combination of these three special locations of Beldi ensure a unique journey through the beautiful Morocco!


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