Sleeping under the stars!


In Oman, besides staying in beautiful hotels, spending one or two nights in the desert and sleeping under the stars is a must. Camping, but in style. You’ll explore the golden dunes of Wahiba Sands and soak up the culture of Nizwa from Hud Hud Travels’ exclusive, flexible tented camp.

Everywhere you look you see golden sand; A visit to the pristine Wahiba Sands desert, is an unforgettable experience. With a 4WD you explore this vast area of golden sand dunes. The wind plays with the dune pans, which take on a different shape each time. When the sun has gone down, you will see a fantastic starry sky and enjoy the absolute silence that reigns in the desert. In the early morning you climb one of the high dunes and see how the sun gives the sand the most beautiful colors, from light yellow to dark red.

All signs point to the left but you turn right because Nomadic Bedouins do not follow signs but navigate by feeling. They do not sleep in the city but have a bed in their desert. An overnight stay in a luxury handmade tent from Hud Hud Travels will introduce you to both the landscape and the Bedouin life in Oman.

An insane tented camp will be set up especially for you. The tents are beautifully decorated with handmade furniture, beautifully woven fabrics, soft and very comfortable beds, beautifully designed Omani oil lamps and candle holders. You can count on an exceptional experience under millions of shining stars!

It is not only in the desert where you can settle down as a traveler. As a Bedouin, you are free. Overnight stays in the Al Hajar Mountains or on the beach are also possible. The scenery is different, the stars are shining everywhere….


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